Saturday, 1 June 2013

Do we have to stop wearing high heels?

High Heels Problems
We walk very casually but the process goes on in a very systematic manner in our body. Generally for every 0.7 seconds we keep changing the leg for stepping forward. This is also done systematically where our foot heel touches the ground first and then the total foot and again the heel rises first to change the step followed by the fingers. This is the natural system but while wearing high heels the process of walking is totally reversed where the front foot is first landed on the ground and the heel never touches the ground. Due this natural process being reversed there is every reason for new problems with high heels.

In fact nature has designed us to walk on the bare foot. This is the reason why foot problems are very rare in societies who walk without slippers and those societies where people walk on high heels has lot of problems associated with the feet. So as medical professionals we never encourage people to wear high heels. But at the same time there is no enough evidence that high heels should be banned by everyone. As there are probabilities of facing problems for putting on these high heels one should surely take some precautions.

1. High heels should not be too long
2. The heel should not be sharp like a pencil point but should be a bit wide and with more portion of the shoe touching the ground. Due to this there shall be some balance in the feet and walk and chances of falling or sprains in the feet reduce
3. Throughout the day and every day don’t be on the high heels. Based on the situation sometimes or once in a while limitedly wearing them along with changing to other slippers is better.
4. If there are any problems experienced in the foot or fingers it is better to stop wearing the high heels any more.

However based on some medical conditions we do recommend some people to wear high heels. Prominently to those suffering with a swelling, pain or burning sensation in the back portion of the foot or heel called retrocalcaneal bursitis as it offers them some relief. The condition is due to the Achilles tendon that comes from the calf muscle and sticks to the bursa become inflammated due to repetitive actions and causes pain and swelling in that portion. If high heels are worn by those people suffering with this condition than there is less strain on this Achilles tendon while walking and the pain gradually subsides.

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