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Hair falling out in Women, Medical hair loss causes and Treatment

Hair loss in Women, Medical Reasons and Treatment

It is really stressful for anyone to see their beautiful hair falling out that actually brings attraction and beauty to their personality. More likely women feel very much concerned seeing their hair falling out while brushing the hair. Usually some amount of hair loss is common, but if locks of hair are falling out then one need to suspect some trouble leading to this hair loss.

Hair Loss Medical ReasonsGenerally on average everyone has almost one lakh hair strands which keep on growing for half an inch in a month. After growing for a period of two to six years time, the hair strands reach to a resting phase. So anytime we check our hair, there shall be 85% of hair strands in the growing period while the remaining in the rest phase. So all the hair that is falling out belongs to the resting phase hair strands and usually 50 to 100 hair strands keep falling out of the scalp every day and new ones keeping coming up in their place. As this is an ongoing regular process we don’t see much difference even if the hair keeps falling out every day.

However, when this hair loss is rapid then one can notice their hair becoming thin and the scalp showing off and also leading to baldness. This type of hair loss in women may be because of any type of health problems or malnutrition. Sometimes it may also be due to no other reason.

Thyroid Gland: 

This gland lies on either side of the throat just like a butterfly. Based on the increase or decrease of this thyroid hormone, the process of hair growth or hair reaching the rest phase may be affected.  So hair may obviously start falling off in thyroid patients. Apart from hair fall imbalance levels of thyroid hormone may also lead to weight gain, weight loss, unable to tolerate heat or cold and also changes in the heart beat rate can be seen.


Those having water bubbles in the ovaries (polycystic ovary syndrome) may find hormonal imbalance in their body. This may lead to hair growth above the lips and chin and at the same time the hair also becoming transparent on the head.

Alopecia Aerate:

Those having this problem find their immune system attacking on their own hair follicles by mistake leading to hair loss and patches on the head. But this hair starts growing once again within 6 months to 1 year time period. Very rarely some may also find losing hair not only on their body but also on other parts of the body due to this condition.


If one has eczema on the head due to that fungus they can see the hair loss. The area affected by eczema becomes reddish and the skin flakes falling off. This may also spread to other members in the family if proper precautions are not taken and hence everyone in the family should be careful if they have someone suffering with eczema.

Post Pregnancy: 

During pregnancy there is lot of increase in the hormone levels and so the hair strands in the resting period stops falling off and the hair becomes thick. But once after pregnancy the hormones come to the normal levels and hair starts falling off quickly. It usually takes at least two years time before reaching to the normal hair growth cycle.

Contraception Tablets: 

Some hormones in these contraceptive pills may lead to hair fall in some women. Usually those who have a family history of losing lot of hair can find this condition while using the contraceptive pills. Sometimes, after stopping usage of these contraceptive pills may actually lead to hair fall. Similarly one may also lose hair using medicines for High Blood pressure, heart problems, arthritis and also depression.

Food Habits: 

Those following a diet to lose weight may also notice some hair loss. Those taking low protein food and losing more than 8 kgs weight can notice hair fall in 3 to 6 months time. But once they start taking nutritious diet then the hair again starts growing healthy.

Tying the Hair Tightly:

Some tie their hair tight into a pony tail, that may create irritation on the scalp leading to hair loss. Sometimes hair fall may be permanent due to this reason. 

Cancer Treatment: 

The radiotherapy and Chemotherapy done to destroy cancer cells damage the hair follicles. So there shall be heavy loss of hair in cancer patients. But once the treatment is stopped the hair starts growing again.


Severe illness or operations, big injuries or emotionally being hurt may lead to sudden loss of hair.

Hair Loss Treatment:

By diagnosing problem and taking treatment reduces hair fall to a great extent. Similarly many inventions are going on the laser equipment that helps in the growth of hair. If hair falls rapidly then there is a technology called hair transplantation where hair from other parts of the body is removed and planted on the bald patches. For the hair to remain healthy and beautiful it is important to take sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals mainly zinc, iron and calcium. So, one should have a balanced diet to have attractive and healthy hair.   


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