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Diabetes - The basic symptoms of Diabetes?

An overview on Diabetes

Diabetes SymptomsDiabetes is a condition which if unnoticed can turn into a major health problem to anyone suffering from the disease. We may also never know as to when the condition has started and may actually slowly damage the other organs in the body. This is the reason why everyone who has reached their prime age of 35 to 40 years should regularly have medical checkups to know whether they are having diabetes. On an average around the world, every two persons from the three diabetic patients doesn’t even know they are having the disease and half from those who know they are diabetic are also not following proper treatment procedures according to the world health organization.

So let us check out the regular diabetic tests that one need to undergo and the basic facts about diabetic condition and treatment options.

In the 1970’s there is only 3.5% population of the country who are affected by diabetics. But now their number has increased to 10.5% with the changes in lifestyle being the main reason along with not following healthy food habits, eating food irregularly, reduced physical activity, not doing any exercises etc. which all lead to diabetics. Hence all those people who have reached their 35 to 40 years should test themselves for diabetics at least once in a year to diagnose the disease in the early stages.

What are the Symptoms of diabetes?

There are some symptoms in people suffering with diabetes.
Frequent urination, frequently feeling hungry and thirsty
Reduction in weight though eating sufficient food
Tiredness, fatigue, weariness
But one may also suffer with diabetes without any of the above symptoms. This is the reason why one should be cautious about health and go for regular sugar tests after certain

Any of the below symptoms can be warning signals for diabetes:

Tingling or hot sensation in the feet, legs or hands
Itching near private body parts or the body
Wounds not healing
Desire for sex reducing in men
Regular problems with teeth or gums

These people should be more careful about Diabetes:

Those who are having family history of diabetics.
Those who are obese.
Those suffering with tuberculosis.
Regularly changing glasses for eye sight.
Cataract in small age.
Abortions in women, babies passing away immediately after born, big babies being born.

All those with any of the above symptoms should be tested suspecting diabetes.

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