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Friday, 6 September 2013

Are you suffering with migraine headache?

Migraine ImageMigraine comes with severe symptoms like headache and vomiting and those who suffer with this usually know when the symptoms again attack them. But by following good food habits and making changes in lifestyle one can prevent the frequency of these headaches continuously attacking them. 

Monday, 12 August 2013

Vegetables and Fruits for Women’s Health and Beauty

Women Health and FruitsThere is nothing else in the world than the beauty of a woman and there is a direct relation between health and beauty. All those who are healthy are beautiful which means that all those who are beautiful are healthy. Though health is everyone’s concern women represent beauty. This is the reason why women though how much ever busy they are groom their beauty which is the secret to their attractiveness. So let us check out some beauty tips useful to them.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Reasons for rising Infertility in this modern era

As our society is becoming more modern, the cases of infertility in couple are rising more and more. For this infertility, not only physical disorders are becoming a reason but also our lifestyle is having an impact for this condition. So to face the problem one should have clear understanding regarding this problem.

It is very clear that infertility can be due to disorders in both male or female and across the world the statistics indicate that in every seven couples one is suffering with this infertility problem. For this condition 40% of the problem is in women and the other 40% in men. In 10% we can find problems in both men and women while in the remaining 10% the reason couldn’t be found.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Enhance your lifespan with walking

There is no doubt in saying walking is a good physical exercise. But do you know that walking not only controls blood pressure and glucose but also helps in increasing your lifespan. It has been found that at least 15 minutes of walk every day is showing good results and decreases the risk of cancer deaths by 10%. Not only that but any cause leading to death can be reduced by 14% with walking increasing the lifespan for three years time. This has been found by doing a research on 4 lakh people from Taiwan. There are more benefits with extra time walking like 15 minutes more time than your regular time of 15 minutes walk, making it 30 minutes walk would further reduce the chances of cancer deaths with an additional 1%.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Why worry about height and wear high heels that lead to problems?

High Heel ProblemsConfidence has increased and status in the society has changed for the women with sky being the limit for their talent. In which ever sector we see today, Indian woman is a global woman too.  Due to this there is lot of change in the habits of women, changes in their attire and also changes in the way they walk and behave. Many Indian women are competing globally and have also made high heels as part of their life style. Waking on high heels gracefully has become a fashionable trend let it be in colleges, offices, parties or even in business events. But this style is against nature and the physical structure of our body…. Is it not harmful? What does the medical research institutes say about this, let’s check out?

Monday, 22 July 2013

How is Liposuction done?

It is first recognized in which parts of the body liposuction can be done. Later the patient is given anesthesia and a special liquid is injected under the skin in that part. In the saline adrenaline and steroids are mixed in minute proportions to prepare a solution called tumescent. By injecting this solution into the body the blood vessels in that area constricts and helps in excess blood loss at the time of doing liposuction. Similarly the fat cells also become smooth and are easy to be removed from the body. This solution is injected into the body in the same proportion of the fat that is going to be removed from the body. After waiting for 10 to 20 minutes or even for half an hour the blood vessels become narrow and the other area becomes loose. Then for doing liposuction a small puncture (2-3 mm) is made in the area that cannot be seen from outside. From that hole a cannula tube that has an opening on the front side is pushed inside and there is a suction tube on the other end of the cannula to pull the fat. The other end of the tube is placed in a glass jar and when the cannula is moved back and forth quickly the fat is sucked in that area which is released into the jar. By marking the fat and liquid collected in the jar it is noted as to how much fat has been removed from the body.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Most Common Breast Cancer Myths

1.    Myth: All lumps found in breast are cancer related.
This is not true as nine out of ten lumps found in breast are not cancerous. Only one might be a cancer tumor. But they cannot be neglected and by finding any lump in the breast one should approach their doctor for a thorough checkup.